September 16, 2017

Arthur Kennedy • Bright Victory

as Sgt. Larry Nevins
Won: New York Film Critics Circle - Best Actor

Take a look at Arthur Kennedy's career from 1949 through the 1950s - a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor, five(!!) Academy Award nominations, and inaugural stage performances in The Crucible and The Price, among other things - and you'd think he'd have been set to become a much more regarded actor in the collective memory than he is today. That said: in reviewing his sole Oscar nomination in the lead acting category (a performance which also won him the Best Actor prize via the New York Film Critics), I was expecting a sort of dynamism that might complement these impressive highlights in his resume. Alas...

August 12, 2017

Jane Wyman • The Blue Veil

as Louise "LouLou" Mason
Won: Golden Globe Award - Best Actress in a Drama

Having first watched The Blue Veil years ago, I thought it was necessary to give the picture a revisit, just in case a few years of maturity might have softened some of my initial pointed views. Sitting through it all again, I suppose The Blue Veil as a whole does come off as more bearable. However, my overall sentiment towards Jane Wyman's work and the limitations of her role remains unchanged.

July 2, 2017

Pardon the Construction...

I'm a little late to the party, but it has come to my attention that Photobucket, a photo hosting service that I've used to embed the hundreds of screenshots on this blog for the past four years, has made the decision to immediately instate a subscription model for hosting embeddable images moving forward...meaning all present Photobucket-hosted images out in the web (and on this blog) are broken, unless I pay a hefty annual fee.

This is frustrating because a) 98% of the photos on Oscargasms are now images telling all of you that I need to update my account to enable 3rd party hosting and b) I'll need to start the process of re-embedding said hundreds of photos.

So bear with me, and apologies for the ugliness!