June 30, 2014

Best Actor 1929-1930

 photo 1929-1930.jpg

Time to play catch-up! I've avoided covering the Best Actor nominees from Oscar's first four years because 1) I was lazy, 2) the nominees were a little harder to find, and 3) my passion for the Best Actor category isn't nearly as strong as it is for Best Actress. But mostly I was lazy, and I figured before doing 1939 I'd go back and cover these bastards once and for all. That said, these profiles will be very short and sweet...because I'm lazy. I've toyed with the idea of going back and giving the ladies of 1927-1930 individual profiles but...that'll have to be another time. So here goes--I'm starting with my least anticipated year, 1929-1930!

and the nominees were: 
George Arliss, Disraeli
Wallace Beery, The Big House
Maurice Chevalier, The Big Pond
Maurice Chevalier, The Love Parade
Ronald Colman, Bulldog Drummond
Ronald Colman, Condemned

George Arliss, The Green Goddess 

(which I cannot find for the life of me. I guess when I was in Los Angeles I was too occupied trying to see Betty Compson and Jane Wyman that I didn't stop to think about any male nominees. So...I'm putting him on an indefinite delay lest there be an angel somewhere who can hook me up.)

Lawrence Tibbett, The Rogue Song

(which is presently a lost film and only exists in fragments. Oscargasms prays to the Movie Gods that someday the film will be found, but until then...RIP to what could have been.) 


  1. Allen, I've found The Green Goddess, do you want me to upload it somewhere?

    1. Hi GM! And welcome!

      Oh my god, you have it??! That would be absolutely amazing!

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  3. Thank You!


    I think I will be able to get Thunderbolt 1929 too any day, do you have it?

    1. I do! The Green Goddess was actually the only one left I had difficulty finding (outside of The Noose and The Patent Leather Kid which to my knowledge only exists in NYC) so you my friend are a GODSEND!! Thank you so much GM, I'm not sure what I did to deserve this!

    2. Glad to help! Your blog is awesome!
      I've just decided to create a blog to post some hard-to-find movies (including The Patent Leather Kid), but i'll restrict it for some readers, if you want to enjoy it, send me a email gmmovingmovies@gmail.com

    3. Do save Green Goddess, just in case I'll need it sometimes :)

      also: haven't seen any of these, except for Big House, which was forced upon me :P