Oct 1, 2014

1940 - 13th Academy Awards

and the nominees were:
Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator
Henry Fonda, The Grapes of Wrath
Raymond Massey, Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Laurence Olivier, Rebecca
James Stewart, The Philadelphia Story
Bette Davis, The Letter
Joan Fontaine, Rebecca
Katharine Hepburn, The Philadelphia Story
Ginger Rogers, Kitty Foyle
Martha Scott, Our Town

And here we are! Coming into this year I have only seen one of these films, which at the time I enjoyed quite a bit. As for my beloved Best Actress category, this is the first year so far where I am actively excited for all the ladies nominated. This also makes me sad at the same time knowing that I'll be kickstarting the 1940's with my most anticipated batch of ladies and then have no other year to look forward to for the rest of the decade. Overall it's a diverse bunch of films--we've got stage plays, comedies, a biopic, a drama based on a book I was forced to read in the 10th grade and hated with all my being, and two dark gothic/noir pics perfectly suited for the month of October. Feel free to share with me your favorites out of this group as well as some guesses as to whom I'll love and not love!


  1. I predict Fontaine and Fonda, and they're also my favorites. But something tells me that you'll love Davis too...

    1. I definitely have high hopes for Davis :D

  2. I agree that you'll probably love Davis where I didn't. She's fine but never quite took off to the next level for me. Martha Scott is a big nothing. I liked Grapes of Wrath fine when I saw it, and Fonda's probably the best part of that. It's been ages since I randomly watched Abe Lincoln in Illinois on TCM, but I actually quite liked Massey if I remember correctly. Chaplin, Stewart, Hepburn, and Rogers are all missing links (both winners!) that I need to watch.

    The highlight will probably be Rebecca and the perfs from Fontaine/Olivier. Hope you love them! :D

  3. What a great start!
    I haven't seen Grapes, but you should be excited for Great Dictator, Rebecca, Philadelphia, Letter. These are very enjoyable films, to say the least.

    Also haven't seen Kitty F & Our Town.

    I don't think Bette will be your choice. Based on your previous picks, I'd say Chaplin (because the social importance gives it extra pts) and Hepburn.