March 14, 2015

1943 - 16th Academy Awards

 photo 1943.jpg

and the nominees were: 

Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca
Gary Cooper, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Paul Lukas, Watch in the Rhine
Walter Pidgeon, Madame Curie
Mickey Rooney, The Human Comedy
Jean Arthur, The More the Merrier
Ingrid Bergman, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Joan Fontaine, The Contant Nymph
Greer Garson, Madame Curie
Jennifer Jones, The Song of Bernadette

Ida Lupino, The Hard Way

1942 took me three months to review, making it one of the more strenuous years to finish since I started this blog. My speed of blogging is obviously attributed to the amount of free time I have on hand, but additionally how stoked I am to watch these flicks is a major factor as well, and when you're served with consecutive Gary Cooper and Greer Garson movies there isn't much inspiration to be had. But let's hope I'm a bit more fast and loose with '43. 1943 is also the year the second most prestigious film awards body--the Golden Globes--made its debut! As always, please share with me your predictions on whom I'll fancy, whom I'll hate, and let me know your personal faves out of this year as well. 


  1. I can't ensure a 5 for any of these actresses. I was really moved by Jones as Bernadette, and I gave her a 5, but it doesn't seem your kind of movie or performance.

    As for actors, if you like Bogart as much as you like Bergman in Casablanca, he'll win with the highest rating, if you do not, I predict that Rooney will be the surprise.

    I don't think any of these roles are as small as Wright's Eleanor, but the couple of Madame Curie may get the lowest rating as well.

    Well I think Watch the Rhine is a bore, but I congratulate Lukas for being good in a bad movie with bad performances by Davis and Watson (Hope you don't have to see many films with this actress, I simply can't bear her).

    Cooper is better than his usual, but it doesn't mean so much. Bergman can surprise, her performance here has a bad reputation for stealing her Casablanca nomination, but it can't be quite likeable if you love her style.

    If the humor of The More the Merrier amuses you, Arthur can surprise, but I take the risk and predict Joan Fontaine - she's great.

    Really unpredictable year, unlike 1942 when I did the certain predictions.

  2. Also, I forgot to say that I think Lupino will be the one you'll like the most <3 Great actress!

    1. We'll see soon enough!! Glad to know that it might be an unpredictable year--I'm always pleased when someone I was predicting in the beginning ends up as my favorite!

  3. Davis actually objected to top billing in Rhine, and considered it Lukas's movie, but Warners wanted the box office insurance she lent. She went into it glad to take the secondary role, but soon grew restless.

    Bernadette's in-joke was that the virgin Mary was played by Linda Darnell, then in a steamy extra-marital affair with the head of 20th Century Fox, Darryl Zanuck.

    I just saw More The Merrier again not a month ago, but still have not seen Human Comedy, Constant Nymph, and most appallingly, For Whom The Bell Tolls.

  4. Watching Song of Bernadette as a teenager made me travel to Lourdes 10 years later (true story), to see the Sanctuary, so it's a special film for me, (no, not a masterpiece), "can't wait" for you to tear it to pieces based on its religious theme and mass appeal. :)

    1. Trust that I am looking forward to Jones/Bernadette if only so that I can see what it is it offers such that it would prompt you to go visit the actual setting :D

    2. I guess you need some tangency to religion to have an open heart to the story, so don't beat yourself too hard if you think it's blah. :)