April 28, 2015

1944 - 17th Academy Awards

and the nominees were: 

Charle Boyer, Gaslight
Bing Crosby, Going My Way
Barry Fitzgerald, Going My Way
Cary Grant, None But the Lonely Heart
Alexander Knox, Wilson
Ingrid Bergman, Gaslight
Claudette Colbert, Since You Went Away
Bette Davis, Mr. Skeffington
Greer Garson, Mrs. Parkington
Barbara Stanwyck, Double Indemnity

Tallulah Bankhead, Lifeboat

Woot woot! We've come to the halfway point of the 1940s!!! This has been a particularly strenuous decade to get through, but obviously the very best is yet to come--this year's batch of offerings include what is sure to be my favorite film of the decade: Going My Way,</sarcasm> a 2.5 hour Presidential biopic, an iconic film noir, and films featuring pretty much every single lady Oscar was obsessed with during this time: Bergman, Davis, Garson, Jones (I'm aware that I'll be reviewing Colbert, but you know what I mean). As per usual, please share with me your favorites and whom you think will be my favorites and my non-favorites! :D 


  1. I have only seen Boyer, but he's the best part of Gaslight for me, and would make a good winner.

    As for actress, I think you'll choose Stanwyck, but I'm not sure about how much you'll like her.

    1. I have seen Double Indemnity before, but obviously I'll keep my thoughts on Stanwyck for later...

  2. Gaslight was quite good, I'm one of the few I suppose who like Skeffington, if only because the great Claude Rains for once was raised to Davis's leading man, a status he deserves at least once on sheer talent. Bankhead was quite fetching in Lifeboat, but I know if it was my call, I'd throw it to Stanwyck.

    Not having seen Grant or Knox, I might have to recuse myself from Actor.

    1. I'm really looking forward to Gaslight! That and Lifeboat are the only ones I'm looking forward to, as I've already seen Double Indemnity. The rest of them just don't stimulate much excitement unfortunately.

  3. I haven't seen Gaslight and DI in more than a decade. Did enjoy both at the time.
    Since the world seems to agree Skeffington is Bette's worst among Oscar nominated performances (and I clip I saw tends to confirm that), I would be in no rush to see it. :)

    1. I'm curious to see what the fuss is about over Bette's alleged awfulness in Skeffington. I've never thought Bette to bad...mediocre ya, but bad?

  4. Stanwyck is amazing in my opinion, I can't really see her not winning. The last time I watched Gaslight I thought Bergman really overacted but I will need to re-watch again (her style doesn't work for me all the time). Boyer was really good imo.

    1. Interesting that Boyer gets a lot of support! I've typically been meh on him. As for Bergman, I've been really taken by her style of acting thus far, so I have high hopes for this showdown between her and Stanwyck.