January 2, 2016

1947 - 20th Academy Awards

And the nominees were:
Ronald Colman, A Double Life
John Garfield, Body and Soul
Gregory Peck, Gentleman's Agreement
William Powell, Life with Father
Michael Redgrave, Mourning Becomes Electra
Joan Crawford, Possessed
Susan Hayward, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
Dorothy McGuire, Gentleman's Agreement
Rosalind Russell, Mourning Becomes Electra
Loretta Young, The Farmer's Daughter

Deborah Kerr, Black Narcissus

Happy 2016! And what a great 2016 it will be, given that the inspiration behind this blog has announced a grand return to actress blogging (now all I need to do is get that stubborn Alex to return)!

With that said--Oscar is now two decades old! And probably for the first time since I've begun blogging, I'm actually more interested in what the Best Actor category has to offer as opposed to the Best Actress category. You've got the OG Redgrave, you've got Colman and Garfield in juicy roles, you've got the always pleasant Powell...oh, and Peck. Again. But on the ladies' side, I am not very interested in what Crawford, Hayward, and Russell have to offer. Additionally, I haven't heard great things about McGuire and Young...so there's that. I'll be glad to take a quick detour to visit Kerr. But perhaps low anticipation means I'll run into some surprises?

As always, let me know what you like out of this batch, and tell me who you think I'll like and who you think I'll hate!


  1. Just thought I'd share my brief thoughts on those I've seen: Ronald Colman is amazing in a terrific film, one of my favorite winners.

    Rosalind Russell...I know the opinion on her performance is divided, but I actually liked it for what it is. Whether it is good acting or not is one thing, but in my opinion it really works in the context of the film, which is really soapy and theatrical (with a terrible Katina Paxinou). She really hits some of the high notes. Michael Redgrave ok, but nothing amazing.

  2. Colman seems an easy choice for Best Actor, and as for Best Actress I can't see none topping Hayward, she's by far the best. Russell is good in the context of the film, but you know, it's not a good film.

    Hope you love Black Narcissus.

  3. There's a lot of pedigree on this list but not a lot of fire in the performances. The ones that have stuck with me most are nominee John Garfield and NYFCC winner Deborah Kerr. "Black Narcissus" is such an odd film for its era, beautifully directed and lensed, and so far outside the margins of what Hollywood was doing at the time that it's not surprising there was so little love from the Academy. Still, it's a fascinating film and I'll be very interested to see what you think of it.

  4. I really think you'll hate Gentleman's Agreement, and it won't do Peck any favors. It's one of the blandest BP winners. That said, I actualLy quite like McGuire in it but I'm generally on my own with that one. I'm also interested your take on Holm/Revere.

    Pobsessed is kinda fun, and it's Joan Crawford doing her thing. She's wildly in consistent but as always is supremely watchable.

    But YAAAAAS @ Black Narcissus. One of my absolute favorites, and Kerr is great. Excited to hear your thoughts.

    1. Der Bear you're back where have you been!!!! Come back to blogging plz

    2. It's been a combination of being busy with work/life & seething with jealousy at you being able to actually keep a decent schedule with this ;) :P

      But I've been keeping up with this blog, you're doing great! Almost through the painful 40s haha :)

      And I want to come back to blogging! But I want to do it when I can actually commit and have semi-regular output. I need a more structured idea (Supporting Oscargasms? :D) to keep me on track. Hoping to make a reappearance soon, but no promises!

    3. I agree with you about "Gentleman's Agreement" (though I generally love Kazan). It's a "play it safe" controversial film if there ever was one. In fact, my favorite actor in that one is June Havoc as Peck's secretly Jewish secretary. She doesn't try to play the 'likeability' card in her performance and as a result comes across as a real, flawed yet, when it comes down to it, honest person. I wish there was more of her in the film because she adds some zest to the flatness.

  5. I almost forgot I did 1947. :))

    but I was too mean with Dorothy and her supporting performance. :)
    Clear winner though.
    Let's see if you feel the same.

    Mourning becomes E needs an HBO remake ASAP.

    1. maybe you almost forgot because you've been away for too long!!!!

    2. i'd just like to say that I've finished Mourning Becomes Electra and can totally agree with your HBO insight :) Maybe with Chastain as Lavinia? hmmm

    3. Chastain too obvious maybe?...

      The role of the mother is played quite badly and I think that's the juicy one. That should be adapted/acted properly.

      Even as a spiritual person, I still go to "I don't need God to forgive me, I forgive myself" in my mind, it's such a great quote.

    4. I was reading up on the characters and Lavinia/Christine are supposed to have red hair :) But in my daydreams I was thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer for Christine. And yes, Katina Paxinou as Christine was a baffling decision...

    5. I can't remember, were they Southern?
      If so, I don't see Pfeiffer.
      You go only for the skinny bitches. :D

    6. They said red hair and you didn't think of Julianne?

      betrayal :D

    7. lol no, Ezra was fighting for the North during the Civil War :P

      And woops, good point on Moore. lol. But her career is in a good place :P

      I guess I was just thinking of Pfeiffer as Catwoman while watching. Christine has a lot of that feral energy to her