What is Oscargasms?

I'm sure to a typical individual, it's hard to fathom how someone could worship a statue to the extent that I do. But it wasn't always that way. I was a precocious little boy growing up, always inexplicably drawn to old Hollywood movie stars, the glamour of Los Angeles, and IMDB movie trivia. At a young age, I noticed The Academy Awards Handbook by John Harkness at a Borders bookstore (RIP) and asked my dad to buy it for me. It all went downhill from there…

This was the cover. One of those lead performances I really love. The other not so much.
The book and I were practically attached to the hip. Whether at home or while waiting for my parents to finish their various errands I would plow through the pages of the book, reading up on each Oscar year’s individual summaries and sets of trivia. Soon enough, I’d read the content over and over again to the point where the pages turned brown…and the next thing I knew, the tidbits of information from within the book had become ingrained in my head—I knew Katharine Hepburn had won 4 Oscars, I knew that Bette Davis was snubbed for Of Human Bondage, I knew that Marlon Brando had first won for On the Waterfront and had rejected his second win for The Godfather, I could tell you which films a certain actor was nominated for, and I could tell you a surprising amount of nominees from certain years…all these precise and seemingly useless details swirled around in my head at the tender age of about 11.

So that was how my love affair with Oscar originated. It continued onwards, and each year I would be heavily invested in the Academy Awards. Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard dazzled the hell out of me with their winning performances in 2007, but the passion for Oscar was taken to the next level in 2008 when I was finally old enough to trek out to the theaters and see R-rated nominees—allowing me for the first time to see every single contender, thereby also allowing me to form my own opinions on each and every one of them and to root for my personal favorite throughout awards season. From there, I was able to experience utter joy when my personal favorites won or utter rage when my personal favorite is defeated. 

The year in question. 
And then came 2010—perusing through movie blogs led me to Nick Davis's site, where he was blogging about the final 50 Best Actress nominees he had left to see...As much as I had loved the Oscars, the actual idea of watching all 80+ years of a certain category’s nominees had never crossed my mind. It was then that I learned I also thoroughly enjoyed reading other people’s opinions on Oscar nominated performances as well. After all, "Oscar-nominated Best Actress performances" is an extremely particular area of interest and I had always assumed I was the only one who cared about that sort of thing...so what a delight it was to know I wasn't alone, that there are enthusiasts out there just as crazily devoted as I am. 

I then snooped around on the internet looking to see if anyone else was out there doing the same thing. To my surprise, there were! So I decided I was going to join in on the chaos. I too was going to blog. I too was going to share with (and prove to) the world my love for the Oscars! 

Two Best Actress-nominated performances that were pivotal in shaping my Best Actress obsession.
So I did just that. I came up with the concept of beginning with Oscar’s first year and going ahead chronologically. At first it was extremely hard to find some of those earlier titles. That, mixed with life, caused me to take an extended hiatus. However, in three years time I noticed that many of the titles I could not find originally were all up on the internet or available on DVD! And so, beginning in 2013, I hopped back on the blogging train again, this time with a much more devout determination. The overarching goal and idea of Oscargasms is to eventually watch all the Best Actress and Best Actor nominees (I decided to pick up Best Actor as well due to my being such an obsessive-compulsive completist) in chronological years. Each little post where I word vomit my thoughts on a particular performance or film is a little Oscargasm. 

So follow me as I navigate through 88 years's (and counting!) worth of films and performances. Some will be mind-blowing, some will be awful, and many will be middle-of-the-road. Whether you’re a film enthusiast, a fellow Oscar psycho freak, someone who accidentally got here while looking up info on a certain celeb or film, or a combination of these reasons, I welcome you. 


  1. uh, such a bitch for not friending me on facebook!


  2. I too am an Oscar BUFF-My brother calls me an Oscar NUT-but that is another story.
    What were your earlier Blogs ? I would love to look up your opinion of some of the earlier performances you wrote about. I appreciate your Bog so much. Thanks for your efforts.
    John Augustin

    1. Augie--I appreciate your appreciation and I thank you for reading! My old blog has since been deleted, but I am tentatively planning on going back and re-reviewing all the ladies of Oscar's first three years later this year!

  3. This is the best blog I've seen on the Oscars. You obviously do your homework but you are also well versed in film history, your opinions are informed and you show an appreciation for an older art form that many of your peers dismiss.

    I hope your not losing interest in Oscargasms because I love reading all of your thoughts and perspectives.

    1. Thank you very much Click5, that's really kind of you to say and I very much appreciate it!

      I'm not losing interest at all, been pretty busy as of late, but blogs to come soon!

    2. Well, that's good to know, Allen. I stumbled upon this blog three months ago and I've now read virtually everything you've posted. Even when I've disagreed with your opinion, I always know where your coming from and its obvious that you speak with an informed perspective.

      Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your upcoming reviews. Oscargasms is the best!

  4. RANGER 10-89 - I too am an Oscar Complete-ist, but not just Best Actor and Actress. I am attempting to watch every winner and nominee in ALL categories. I started my quest in 2011. To date I have seen all Best Picture and Director nominees (except the three in archives: The White Parade; The Drag; Sorrell and Son). Ten Best Actor nominees to go. All in all, I am about 75% complete for all nominees and 95% complete for category winners. The majority of films I get from Michigan libraries, TCM, and on-line. Please le tme know if you need help finding any rare films.