May 9, 2014

1938 - 11th Academy Awards

 photo 1938.jpg

and the nominees were: 
Charles Boyer, Algiers
James Cagney, Angels with Dirty Faces
Robert Donat, The Citadel
Leslie Howard, Pygmalion
Spencer Tracy, Boys Town
Fay Bainter, White Banners
Bette Davis, Jezebel
Wendy Hiller, Pygmalion
Norma Shearer, Marie Antoinette
Margaret Sullavan, Three Comrades

After being a bit underwhelmed by 1937's batch of Best Actress contenders, I'm much more excited for 1938's ladies. In fact, the only nominee overall whom I've absolutely no desire to watch is Spencer Tracy (again with the kids Tracy! You really know how to piss me off!). But yeah, feel free to share your thoughts on these nominees, and go ahead and make a wild guess as to whom you think will tickle my fancy the most :D 


  1. I've only seen 1 1/2 films of those 9. [putting Algiers as 1/2 because I was just a kid and it was on TV].

    I think you'll go with Cagney (or Donat) and Shearer (or Sullavan). :)

    Dunno why u're so optimistic about Best Actress 1938, I suspect it's a weaker group than '37. :)

    1. Well...I'm excited for Bette because it's Bette, I'm excited for Shearer and Sullavan because I've heard great things about both, and I'm excited for Bainter because I was struggling to find it for awhile and then an angel from above helped me out :D

      Not necessarily excited for Hiller, but I liked My Fair Lady so why not.