Jul 28, 2014

Best Actor 1930-1931

and the nominees were...
Lionel Barrymore, A Free Soul (previously reviewed)
Jackie Cooper, Skippy
Richard Dix, Cimarron (previously reviewed)
Fredric March, The Royal Family of Broadway
Adolphe Menjou, The Front Page

...and so we enter the 4th Academy Awards, where we've got three remaining Best Actor nominees left before my Special Summertime Sausage-Fest Blogathon ends and we jump back into 50/50 male-female blogging ratios. I wanted to do this year last because after a dry stretch of dull flicks, I figured it'd be best to end with three comedic pictures...for even if I end up not liking the performances very much, at least I can be assured a few laughs.


  1. Uh, Uh, I've seen Free Soul and Cimarron.

    Knowing you actually gave 3/5 to Di(ck)x actually hurts. :) He doesn't deserve your love.

    1. haha :P Does that mean you didn't care for Barrymore all that much?

      And actually I've been pretty torn over Di(ck)x for the last two days! (that sounds dirty but I don't care) I watched parts of Cimarron again as a refresher and now I'm not sure I want to keep him at 3/5... :\