November 15, 2014

1941 - 14th Academy Awards

 photo 1941.jpg

and the nominees were:
Gary Cooper, Sergeant York
Cary Grant, Penny Serenade
Walter Huston, The Devil and Daniel Webster
Robert Montgomery, Here Comes Mr. Jordan
Orson Welles, Citizen Kane
Bette Davis, The Little Foxes
Olivia de Havilland, Hold Back the Dawn
Joan Fontaine, Suspicion
Greer Garson, Blossoms in the Dust
Barbara Stanwyck, Ball of Fire

And here we go!! 1940 was one of my most anticipated years, and 1941 is one of several "meh" years from this decade that I'm not particularly excited about. I've already watched Citizen Kane a long time ago, so there's not a whole lot from this year's slate to look forward to. Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm will mean that some films/performances will surprise me. Please share with me any of your favorites from '41, as well as who you think I'll like and dislike :)


  1. I think this year is better than 1940 (for actresses), and the fact that you're not excited can bring somes surprises. I predict Davis and Grant, with Garson and Huston as runners-up.

    1. Good to know. For some reason I can't summon up much excitement for this year's batch of ladies. I don't know why, perhaps because the content of their respective films does nothing for me..

  2. Foxes is my favorite Davis, and the one the tagline 'Nobody's as good as Bette when she's bad' should have been coined for, not whatever lesser film prompted it later on. Nor does one often think of Davis as sexy, but that hourglass gown she has on for Horace's welcome back to town party flatters her perfectly. Greed to the ultimate, murder by inaction (in any moral reading), and backstabbing your own brothers. What more could you ask?

    1. Great to know! I suppose expectations are high on Davis because I've heard much praise on her performance, so we'll have to see soon enough!

  3. Well, you know how much I love Little Foxes, but I guess it's better to keep expectations low. :)
    I won't make any Actress predictions, though I know it's not gonna be Joan again.

    For Best Actor, I imagine Orson. I haven't seen Citizen Kane in a decade, and only saw Penny Serenade on TV maaaaaaany years ago, don't remember anything from it except for the ending.

    1. Ugh, let's just say that the film's I've seen so far are not doing it for me... >:(