January 1, 2015

New Year | New Beginnings

It's officially January: the month in which we welcome another brand new year, in which we strive to wipe our slates clean and start anew, in which we make resolutions that we likely won't be able to keep, and most importantly...awards. The Globes! The SAGs! The Oscar nominations! Oh, and also the premieres of the newest seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, Girls, Looking, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer. Bring it on, bring them all on!!

And happily enough, this January marks a major milestone in my life...employment! I landed my very first post-grad job, and it's in San Francisco to boot, so there's an ass ton of anxiety and excitement to be had. So on top of relocating and adjusting to work and a different city far away from home, I can't say with confidence that I'll be able to stick to my routine of movie watching/screencapping/blogging at the same, consistent, breakneck speed as I did before. Admittedly, I've had 1942's flicks on hand for a while now and have been putting off watching them because I just can't generate the excitement to watch them...but bear with me. I'll be whipping out posts soon enough--they'll just be done at a slower pace. Happy New Year! Let's hope that this new phase of my life doesn't effect me in the same way that Jasmine's did to her.


  1. Happy New Year. You're a young man; life changes quickly at your age. We'll stick with you and keep checking in. Besides, a little bit of delay gives me time to revisit the older ones and drop Norma Shearer's name as often as I can, which I'm never hesitant to do. (How long a comment can I drop in? I start quoting authors, and they tend to get long...)

    Relocating to San Francisco in early adulthood - my life should have been so lucky!

  2. Happy New Year! And congrats on the job, I know that's the most stressful part of post-college life from experience and I'm not quite there yet myself!

    We'll keep following at whatever pace you may have, and who knows, maybe going full Blue Jasmine will spice things up ;)

  3. These are great news from your personal life, congratulations! But I'm happy you'll keep blogging, and I'll be here to comment. xx

  4. Happy New Year! :)

    Works sucks, but it keeps the mind active. (in parallel I still play the lottery). As I said on FB, congrats! and have fun ;)

  5. Thank you all for the kind words :)

    San Francisco has been great. Work has been grueling, but I like it a lot regardless. Definitely sucking up my free time, but I'll be back very soon!